Early Childhood Programmes

Design and Delivery

The programme is at the heart of any learning environment.

Life Learning believes that early childhood programmes should be planned, purposeful, progressive and systematic. This way we can develop a curriculum that empowers children to be the best they can be. Encouraging a love of learning, sparking imagination and creativity, and building strong social and emotional capabilities in each child.

We work with individual teachers and the leadership group to develop a programme that is purposeful for both teachers and children. So at the end of each working day teachers feel as if they’re making a real difference to children’s lives.

Curriculum Approaches and Frameworks – Reflection and Evaluation

Curriculum Approaches & Frameworks

Life Learning work with you to develop an individual programme that meets best practice standards and that is consistent with your vision and philosophy.

To do so the programme must be relevant to your early childhood centre and to the diverse set of teachers and children that make up your centre. Our approach responds to the setting, potential and challenges of your unique early childhood learning environment.

We help to develop:

  • Vision and philosophy
  • Values and culture
  • A programme that reflects the needs of your philosophy, community and children
  • Theorists and different curriculum approaches that reflects your philosophy
  • Your integration with Te Whāriki (the New Zealand curriculum) into your daily programme
  • A programme built on a planned, purposeful, progressive and systematic platform

Reflection and Evaluation

Life Learning work with you to construct comprehensive systems for reflection and evaluation, all guided by sound early childhood practices.

We help to:

  • Ensure reflection and evaluation systems are ethical
  • Develop systems that are developmentally appropriate
  • Develop systems that promote positive learning outcomes for children
  • Incorporate an ongoing comprehensive self review process
  • Develop collaborative consultation processes
  • Engage your teams into best practice of observing and documenting children’s learning
  • Ensure the programme is making a difference to the learning outcomes of each and every child

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